The Refinery is a barre fitness studio in Tallahassee, Florida. Barre is the best and fastest way to sculpt your body to create a long and lean feminine physique.

Taking a strong influence from ballet and pilates, barre is about performing small isometric movements to strengthen muscles that you didn’t know you had — or you just can’t target! All exercises are performed to upbeat music, making barre enjoyable by yourself, or with friends. Barre technique is low impact and only involves a small amount of cardio. Every strength segment is followed by a brief stretch to soothe your muscles and limit soreness. Barre is the best workout for women who want to improve their abs, legs, booty, and arms.

Get ready to refine your body into something more beautiful than you thought possible. Hidden under the harshness of life’s rocky roads, you can find a shining stone inside of you. To find that gem inside you we created a process called BodyREmix: Release. Revive. Retain. The Refinery will guide you step by step through the process.


Release all impurities and imperfections inside of you. Yoga, meditation, stretching along with our expertise in nutrition can eliminate the unhealthy habits you may have incurred over the years.



Revive your body into a strong and confident form. No need for heavy equipment or harsh workouts. At The Refinery you will focus on burning calories and sculpting lean muscles with very minimal impact to the rest of your body. Toning the problematic areas, such as underarms, upper back, thighs, and most importantly your rear-end. A total body workout with guaranteed results.



Retain the new and improved you with ongoing training. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with weekly tips and challenges. Helpful programs and exciting events each month will keep you on your toes and looking forward to a lifelong cycle of beautification.