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What is Barre?
Barre is the best and fastest way to sculpt your body to create a long and lean physique. Taking a strong influence from ballet and group fitness, barre is about performing small, isometric movements that are safe and effective for all ages and body types. Every segment engages and fatigues multiple major muscle groups and is followed by a brief stretch to lengthen and strengthen the body. Barre technique is low impact and involves a small amount of cardio. It is the best workout for anyone who wants to improve their abs, legs, booty, and arms. Exercises are performed to upbeat music making barre enjoyable by yourself or with friends.

What Makes The Refinery Barre Unique?
Each Refinery class may have differing choreography but will still adhere to our proven, effective, and energizing format. While our instructors are allowed to use creativity and invention, all classes will provide barre junkies their needed fix.

What Other Classes Are Offered at The Refinery?
While we primarily offer barre classes, we also have cardio classes for those who like to sweat! Our cardio classes are: Rebox, which is influenced by kickboxing; Stix, which is a unique fast-paced class utilizing drum sticks; and Barredio, which incorporates barre positions that are performed at a much faster pace. Our newest addition is Power Yoga class. There is something at The Refinery for everyone! Check out our “Classes” tab for more info.

What Should I Wear to Class?
Please wear comfortable pants, leggings, or capris and a form fitting top. You will also want to wear sticky socks to retain your body’s heat as well as prevent your feet from sliding (available in store). Cubbies in the back will provide enough storage for your shoes and other belongings. Please remove shoes before entering carpeted studio.

Should I Bring Anything?
You only need to bring a yoga mat if you are taking a yoga class. We have all the other equipment you will need, including bottled water. Bring your positive attitude! Please no cell phones in class so all clients can stay focused.

Can Men Come?
Men are absolutely welcome to take a class at The Refinery. Although you will usually find a majority of women in our classes, men can also reap the benefits of a barre workout!

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