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Coach Jason Harle, published author (Farmer Gym’s Almanac and Farmer Gym’s 2-Month Trainer) and business owner (Farmer Gym,¬†www.farmergym.com), is certified through the American Council on Exercise. He is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE-Certified Health Coach; he is also a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer.
At a very young age, health and fitness became a vital part of Harle’s life. The work capacity of the human body intrigued him; its ability to grow strong and endure fascinated him.

Coach Harle has experience in virtually every form and level of personal training — from strength training to ultra-endurance competitions, and from competitive athletes to those new to exercise. He has worked with celebrities in the art and entertainment industry who frequent magazines such as Elle and Vogue, as well as newspapers such as the Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal; Division-1 Football and Track & Field Athletes.¬†With his comprehensive background, Coach Harle is able to tailor specific plans and programs geared toward the particular goals of the individual or group.

Most people have the capability to acquire the body they want and to perform in a manner they desire. It simply takes time and effort. It is Harle’s goal to educate, motivate, and empower people to improve their health and fitness, and to overcome self-doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their bodily potential.