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Savannah was born in Leominster, Massachusetts and relocated to Tallahassee while in middle school. She participated in various sports throughout her life, mainly sticking to softball and volleyball. Savannah is a face that we have all seen around The Refinery many times. She is our current Studio Manager as well as one of our newest barre instructors. Along with barre, Savannah is working on becoming trained in Barrebata™, Stix, Rebox and all of our other amazing classes as well! She has her hands full here at the studio, but during her free time enjoys relaxing at the beach and playing with her four dogs! Savannah has appreciated what a healthy and active lifestyle can do for somebody her entire life, and strives to maintain that lifestyle daily! As the oldest of 3 daughters she understands the importance of empowering and supporting the people around her, so come see her at the barre for a great workout!